Pariah LP

by Novatore

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Dj Reska
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Dj Reska Pure dope Track !
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tobi-chula Looking forward to enjoy another masterpiece. I am really lucky ;) Shoutout outta Berlin Bro!
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The Somophore studio album from Novatore

Recorded by Vex the MC

Mixed and Mastered by Kelcey O'Quinn

Production from Nuttkase (Russia), Nizuk (France), and Chris Ruben (CHI)

Cuts on "Tragedy" and "Chardonnay" by Dj Reska aka "the Sick Doc"

Cuts on "Savage" by Chris Ruben

Executive producer: Novatore


released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Novatore Chicago, Illinois


Dark hardcore hip-hop from the south side of Chicago.

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Track Name: Spitfire
i spit bars miraculously, insane vocabulary
adversaries wary of the very scary blades I carry
rarely unaware, uncaring, arrogant american
embarrassing my therapist and pistol packing in my trunk
and I been getting drunk, lately aint afraid to say it
weight it out against the pain- deliver liquor to the liver
but i aint shivering or shaking so its all good
still should probably drop the bottle, never been a quitter
I took some dirty shit at riot fest a bad dosage
closest yet to hopeless i was going through psychosis
trying to focus on the facts but see the fiction
teeth are jagged from the friction keeping eyes on those who closest
i had to give a dude a bow up in his front row
for thinking he could raise a fist at me i left his ass leaking
eventually you'll see that this be elementary
chicago steez, we keep it sleazy check the documentaries


you know I'm back in this mother fucker to spit spire
you know I'm back in this mother fucker to take aim
you know I'm back in this mother fucker you feel it
doesn't matter why the fuck I'm back you know I'm bout to kill it

I'm twice an uncle and 3 times a suicidal
maniac, amazing nact to smack you in your fucking ear
its was a bad year, and if i had ever had fear, i left it
with my former self, replaced it with some bad beer
I'm black clad here, molotovs and balaclavas
fuck the dahlia lama ima threat to you like I'm osama
aint just a rhyme persona, burn you like a some marijuanna
sonically the greatest- underrated like the capadonna
and i been writing lyrics steering clear of interference
clearance rack psychopathic travis bickle in appearance
been saving money, rarely ever see a really sunny
day I'm always sleeping probably seeming incoherent
been disappearing from the parties and politics
i think the biggest part of it's that I don't got my heart in it
could give a million reasons, blame it on the season
but excuses are for douches - I just don't want any part of it
Track Name: Tragedy
a dark discovery- lovely turns to ugly
I hear the spark, and now a dark cloud is hovering
I see my brother and he see me losing sanity
I'm losing my humanity my blood's started bubbling
Haunted by betrayal, going off the rails
stale relationships be facing this and no one placing up the bail
thoughts are daggers, got my state of mind diminished
hard to finish any minuscule task - it's seeming like the biggest
hardly eating only sleeping - keeping to myself
helplessly pathetic almost anything would set it off
constant reminders, send my heart into a grinder
find her lying in my mind, life is hard but the bed is soft
I'm a get it off my mind, waking in a panic
traveling through time in a capsule that they call xanax
wake me later, wake me never, week into a day
as weak as I can be, I'm hoping this could start to go away

i look at people only seeing all their evil
got a feeble mind, momentarily, i need some time
having delusions always staring blankly, in a mire,
michael myers style looking wild in a hellfire
no desire, motivation at its worst,
if you put me in a car you should consider it a fucking hearse
the person that I was is missing from the earth
cursing everything around me from the concrete to the fucking dirt
soon as i think I'm better, bout to spread my wing of feathers
find a fetter at my ankle, fixated on every letter
I couldn't let it go, but think i see the light
…or maybe that's the sun trying to rob me of remaining sight
I think its time to fight, attention undivided
cuz I'm missing out… sick of tripping always flipping out
it's time to get a grip, and get back on my shit
i think the time has come for me to slowly pull myself up out the pit
Track Name: Untouchable
i crush all opposition hardly any competition
you can call it luck I think you suck but based off lost conviction
you take the wrong position when it comes to cops and robbers
slobbing on the knob of the law you call it gods decision
but thats pathetic you can hate me cuz i said it
trying to tell me ima be in hell you focusing on my aesthetics
but you'll regret it when i jab you with this anesthetic
bet its gonna be your end, ill send you to your only friend
you know my pen is just as strong as my right
and yo the proof is in the music check the songs that I write
lets fight… cuz we can hit the streets or put the pen to paper
i would turn you into vapors, smoke you right before my latest caper
you like a life saver, empty in the center,
yet you couldn't save your self if we was facing place a wager
just hit my pager like its 96, cuz you a dated innovator
I'm hated ill hit you with a brick


untouchable- see how i rhyme like a king
you could crown me or ignore me but it doesn't mean a fucking thing
cuz I'ma still crush the mic and leave competitors
thinking I'm the predator, the way the feel the sting

untouchable- see how i rhyme like a king
you could crown me or ignore me but it doesn't mean a fucking thing
cuz I'ma still crush the mic and leave competitors
thinking I'm the predator, the way the feel the sting

Verse 2

I'm a pariah but I still be the messiah
spitting fire verses higher than that interview with Richard prior
if your desires in dire straights.. just concentrate
on the music i make, ignites you like a fireplace
i be untouchable, I'm cleaner than a huxtable
got verses by the bucketful you simple like a lunchable
you so dysfunctional, observe you as a worthless servant
shouldn't read my verses cuz you're person's so combustible
radioactive waves ascending from my pencil,
pending doom is bout to hit you like a tumor in your fucking temple
feel the instrumental, mentally invented
by a person who's inserted every verse with the intention
to melt your face especially when plastered with my vocals
always focused on the hopelessness, a noble anti-social
you need some bifocals if you can't perceive it
I'm as rare a secada, hater this my magnum opus
Track Name: Pariah
(verse 1)

I'm so sick my flow contagious and outrageous
you don't know what rage is, open book with tattered broken pages
lasers blazing got my phasers set to stun
amazing graces couldn't save you when staring at the sun
or if you staring down the barrel of an epileptics gun
soon as he twitches finger clinches on the trigger
bullet pulling through your fleshy surface hurting
squirting blood across the curtains take a picture post it all up on your twitter
ima a go and getter ima go and get her
let her beat your with a whip until the blisters form a letter
and it better be the letter N, if you think you better than me then ima treat you like the leaders treat the veterans
put you on the street and treat you to a pizza filled with cyanide you try and hide the pain after I beat ya, leave ya bleeding on a fucking bench - you smell the stench, thats the body rotting plotting out my alibi with friends


belligerent shit - ignorant shit
bully rap attacking lyrics , slapping up a pig

you talk a lot of shit now this is what you get
always flapping from your lips so now I'm feeding you a fist

(verse 2)

I be a bully and be fully aware that I'm unbearable
and terrible ill tear a bull until he's bare
stare at a lion in the eyes while dying in a den
laughing while he's crying drag his body to my fucking lair
I'm linda blair pissing on the floor in public
aint above it I'm a grubby mother fucker never wear a rubber
spitting in your supper- upper decker at your mothers
brothers house I'm bugging out- and ruggeder than any other
stick you up . squeeze a lime into your cut..
punch you in the gut and then I'm feeding you what you through up
bust a nut - and leave the stain across rug
call it lotion my devotion to debauchery is nuts
acting up at christmas parties, slammin the bacardi
robbing smarties from your baby sleeping over and I gave you scabies
sell you a dog with rabies tell you that he's gravy
lazy til the death of me won't even work a job to feed my baby
picking on defenseless helpless kids I'm selfish
rubbin shellfish on an ostraconaphobic til he feeling hazy
won't even phase me if you tase me cuz i rock a tire
and i rock attire that be that be flyer than a plane be
somebody save me cuz I'm rowdier than roddy
body surfing in the neighbors pool you know I had to leave a stool
a piece of feces slowly floating in the open
broken human til I'm in my tomb and still I feel i be amazing

Track Name: Mega Powers (ft. Sic Mind)

you don't wanna battle me.. that would be tragedy
like owen hart, from the rafters , you can call me ravishing
you can call me rude, but you don't wanna have a feud
bret hart shawn michaels, iron man, a short fuse
i refuse to lose never gonna tap the mat
I'm hellish when I'm in a cell. I'm steve borden with a bat
you know I'm all that you just a brooklyn brawler
looking like my homie doink the clown, except a little bit taller
i be a mauler you influenced by the shit I make
like mick foley 83' jimmy snuka off the cage
if this was 88 Id sneak up on ya with a snake
thinking you a hercules, you're Irwin with the briefcase
you aint a beefcake, I'd eat ya like a cheeze steak
eye rake ya face until ya bleeding make your teeth brake
bury you with verses, undertaker, black hearses
got you seeing angels papa shango with the curses

(Sic Mind)

The people feel me as soon as I step inside the arena
Its like One look into your eyes n I can tell your diva
You washed up n needa retire
I'm laughing cause
you can't see that like john Cena
let me revival
My true intentions fuck how ya feel
Stick my hand through you
n rip out you intestines
This is the moment where I turn heel
do it for the love Man fuck yo ego
You couldn't spit even if you were carlito
You gone get bodied
N bodied some mo
cut you in half
Since i heard that your a fan of gore
For thinking that your a nova I'll leave your chest tore
Your the type I wanna strangle with a microphone cord
daniel Bryan
Cause I'm the injury that's gunna
Cut your career short
If your vertain then you shoukd be prepared to die in war
Im the dirtiest player in the game
Throwing elbows like chris hero
You think your Looking through binoculars
but really it's the double barrel


watch you like a hawk cuz you know I'm an animal
I'm bout to run this sock covered claw into your mandible
I'm like an anvil smash your heart into its foundation
warrior with a sack of blow you can feel the earth shaking
you bout to be a patient, paging doctor isaac yankem
you can thank em later, bout to bomb on you like I was vader
any traders in the ring about to feel the sting
about to bring my fist into your face - about to be displaced
about to be disgraced like crippler with the cross face
place is looking crazier than john gacy's crawl space
get me vexed i'll put a hex upon your family
von erichs, bout to parish, destined for calamity
a fan of fantasy like val venus, vanity,
ill throw you thru a table I'm incapable of sanity
ill never quit I'm in the shit like I was terry funk
Vince McMahon in the limo dynamite up in the trunk

(Sic Mind)

Get supper kicked for thinking that we just some young bucks
It'll put you to sleep like a gts
from hideo itami
or cm punk
Ima phyco killa bro
You can call me tommaso ciampa
I got the
kokina clutch locked and I'm never letting go
im the mexican samoa joe
On a mic your just a joke like enzo
Your Ego bigger then big cass
You see Your acts
more retarded then Eugene
After bar this shit I'll hit you harder then l kicks from
Kota ibushi
I see how yall just wanna do me
But I ain't trippen Cause I just came to kick your head off like nakamura
N this aint 88
Lace your drugs
That's how I twist your fate
Flow phenomenal like aj
I adapt, never change
I bring the terror
This was a clean sweep
Call me the cleaner I'm kenny omega
Off top like Eddie
This latino he spitten heat
Not even Paul heyman can tame this beast
Mother fucka
Track Name: Chardonnay
Verse 1:

times illusios, its just a measurement for death
and to death theres no solution reapers hand across your fucking neck
it's disrespect to call me anything but clever*
and ill never let my age dictate my next fucking step
so fuck a bet, i make a promise to stay ominous
and slash you like a tire watch me fire bomb the pharmacists*
can't harness this - rap attacker with a dagger,
kill a rapper talking swagger, looking dapper, hes a brilliant actor
i may be aging but lets face it I'm amazing
got you gazing at my flavor, to you posers imitating
ima- breath of fresh air- beware - don't stare
cuz ima riddle you with little bullets, beat you like a fucking snare

Verse 2:

I'm like a fine wine,in time my rhyming quality,
increases, smash to pieces masterpieces no apologies
i think its comedy, the way i smash the prodigies
they losing, in confusion, I'm disproving all the prophecies
they try to tell me how the fuck to live,
tell me I aint living right cuz I aint married and don't got no kids
I'm just a little kid embittered with a little bit a
whiskey cinnamon and venison, i got the heart to win
I'm sinning with a grin, a criminal who's pleading innocent
I'm chillian like a villain, never snitching if I'm in the pen
and when I'm in depends, depending on my dead friends
maybe then just maybe you can tell me that I'm fucking crazy
you just a lazy baby, none of this is new to me
you never felt the growing pains and I aint talking puberty
aint what it used to be, but truthfully I'm glad
always trying to move it forward, never living in the past

Verse 3:

I need a mattress cuz I'm going geriatric
got bad tick in my back, but I could still pull off a daring hat trick
ill smash you faster than master blaster in thunder dome
regardless off a number ima still be at the fucking throne
ill prank you on the phone like kevin did in home alone
but ill be 64 and still be poor - and be like al capone
with a tommy gun, while running up on bugsy
i feel bad for any sucker mother fucker trying to mug me
ill hit em with a cane, his brain is hanging out the frame
his cranium is jelly, really smelly, stab him in the belly
call me makavelli ill be rising from the grave and
brave enough at 98 to punch you in your fucking face
ill throw you in a lake and brake apart you legs
so you can army crawl to safety after doggy paddling all day
aint nothing left to say, i said it all in 20 ways
don't ever count me out ill be about it til in my grave
Track Name: Cyberhell (ft. Fellow the Ogre)

I'm in a mass debate, I probably rather masturbate
these children on the internet they got me losing faith
just wait a minute.. i been sinning since the 7th grade
and now these teenie bopper activists are criminals? thats fucking fake
they always making threats, I've heard it all before
but all these keyboarding warriors afraid of kicking down some doors
they rather pop some pills they triggered from the strife
they got a bucket list thats never checked off, higher than a kite
and thats alright.. I aint a stranger to the burnout kind of life
but you keep talking winnings wars and never even had a fight
i think its funny the money you coming from
and your running your, talkin your shit, you just a little kid
i push a fist into your face and flash the pistol
cuz you're phony and I'm pissed off just a warning, dodged a missile
watch you fizzle out.. and show the world what you about
you aint bout a single thing, so kid just shut your fucking mouth


I'm in a cyberhell and this may very well
be the purgatory from the story, lock us in the cells

i won't rebel.. just slowly bring me to a timely death
so it can rid me of the cancer smiling as i take my final breath

(Fellow the Ogre)

all day foreplay
fornication in 4k
forty hours a week
to pixels
floating over the fourier
You love me not
a caveat
desires lost in cyberspace
digital age masquerade
where masks become our only face

gone without a trace
are the names that kept the pain encased
algorithms ostracize our freedoms at a frisky pace
click into a massive grave
an everlasting batch of bait
pacifists are battle ready
to pull their trigger to rattle the cage

censor me stupid
dispense information a million ways
render me ruthless
and from a distance
within your safest place

If I’m a sin
then you’re a demon
switching sides
and shifting shapes
slipping over the liquid glass
insipid as the color grey

misers hide away in a sacred place on your spaceship
occupied by snakes every vacant space has been tainted
their venom steady demonstrates the crippling weight of isolation
honesty isn’t holding your hatred in hesitation
Track Name: Black Cat
I shred mikes and start fights with hypes
i'm aggressively obsessive with the music, working overnights
I'm like an overbite ahead of the rest ... just like regrettable sex
leave you incredibly stressed - no less
no one investing in me, sensing the aggression in me
question my direction, my expression leave you delicately
wording sentences to back pedal from your statement
blatantly observing, that your swerving from your relevancy
fuck the presidency, evidently people suck…
you look struck when I spit at you so eloquently
I'm about the meanest demon that you ever seen
scheming on your team you can't defeat me in a fucking dream
i dress clean but i keep it dirty almost thirty
nerdy to a thug but I'm too thuggish for the really nerdy
my shit wordy and to heady for most -
rappers think they on my level, really they aint even close
they try to boast and brag its just sad
they be glad bag rappers full of garbage, watch their shit rot
im like a ziploc they way I got my shit locked
clock strike 3am, haunt you like I'm hitchcock
triple sixes, in the mix with crucifixes
getting triple digits, tripping off the riches that they steady getting
I'm stead spitting like a lama leave you full of trauma
lyrically i bring the drama, faces melting, steady dripping
i keep hitting growth spirts in my rap skills
now my throat hurts like I'm smoking the fat krills
leave you with chills and feels after a verse
ima pay my bills with raps before I see the dirt
and thats a promise, sick of listening to vomit
that the bastards feed the masses to your planet I'm a comet
coming correct - to wreck - what little self respect
you have left… ill make your spinal column disconnect
Track Name: Battlefield Red
I'm in the trenches with the missiles and the hand grenades
i hear the bullets whistling the wind across my face
seven corpses line the floor from foreign forces
everything that i had ever known had suddenly seemed unimportant
bloody skies i hear the cries of fallen family
they said some wouldn't last a minute, blasting while the clique diminished
faster than a pastor finish, nastier than rotten spinach
..I'm in a daze i catch my grip because my head is spnning
but I aint skid dish so i processed what I witness
even though the gory images are with me every single minute
thats my life… pass the knife
an enemy combatant tried to grab me so I had to slice

we in a war from shore to shore aint nothing glorious
i be so discontent no longer know what glory is
bombs dropping, heads popping off their body
suicidal kamikaze- no one is victorious

we were victorious warriors sent on voyages
judgement errors lead to terror friends turn in to pallbearers
and I'm shackled to my past,
shrapnel penetrate my skin cleanly like a piece of glass
i got a couple homeless homies looking hella boney
knew a dude name Kony owed a lone he couldn't pay it back
he need it a hit crack- now he's food to rats
.. found him sleeping just last weekend bullet in his fucking back
thats' how it goes.. veterans rocking your clothes
thrift store copped got pneumonia from the freezing cold
PTSD shell shocked no insurance
cancer ridden cigarrete smoker with electrolarynx
fell for the idiotic patriotic propaganda
simple minded oversight black and white just like a panda
battlefield red, dead bodies in my head
shed a tear for fallen brothers, hardly recognize each other

we in a war from shore to shore aint nothing glorious
i be so discontent no longer know what glory is
bombs dropping, heads popping off their body
suicidal kamikaze- no one is victorious
Track Name: Savage
killing christians with an iron fist, storm the gates
I'm norman bates rocking a wig and I'm coming for ya face
pushing daggers thru anybody who matters
and matter of fact - ill stab you in the back and watch your ribs shatter
quicks splatter from the knife insertion, my suburban
storing bodies then they rotting - somewhere in a lake- submersion
pet a persian like I'm giovianni, villanous
your body drains of blood, your hear a thud because I'm spilling it
leave a corpse in a burning porsche, and torture any
underling who tries to bring me in, i bring the force of many
you couldn't force a penny through a quarter slot
and i would hoard the pot, especially if you starving I would pour the slop
in the garbage cuz you garbage, thats a fact of life
exacto knifes, slicing trough your skin- then bring you back to life
re-animation - death is better than creation
but if you can mix the two that be a truly deadly combination

fuck religion I would cane you long as I was able
hottest thing up in your federation call me sable
flipping tables, like my generation - unstable-
you could try to copy me i chop you like some broccoli
I'll prolly be the hottest topic, popping,so just watch and see
there aint no stopping me so cockily, i drop a cop and flee
stickin knives inside your eyes i wanna watch you die
taking lives with pride, my anger rising high just like the tide
when i arrive, no one in the room is bout to be alive
if they survive they'll have to see a shrink until their 55
when i deliver my shiv up into you liver
you quiver I'm bitter- slither with scissors and chop you into figures
and fuck peace i want your pieces in the street
lets see polices feel the heat, its time to practice what you like to preach
veins of bleach, they couldn't keep me in the clink
the only sentence i complete's the ones thats seeping from your fucking teeth
Track Name: Where the Fan Shoots the Messenger
i came enthusiastic in the rap shit thats a fact
I'm still enthusiastic mother fuckers watch ya back
cuz in this game of rap, the snakes are steady watching
waiting for the chance to drop a diss, second that you stop to piss
saying that you lost your shit, hoping you about to quit
mother fucker, never count me out I'm too legit
and fickle fans if you can find em, hardly pay a nickel
thinking they entitled to your album, shoulda charged em triple
but fans is mostly rappers see you as the competition
savage like a raptor, see your shine like its a sharpened sickle
thats why the sales crippled everybody wants to rap
no one only wanna listen - this is what I envision:
people buying albums, digital and physical
coming out to shows and showing love, it's so untypical
literally killing off the silly shit that's visible
and fill the gap with rappers who can write some shit thats printable

this is the place where the fan shoots the messenger
hands up to the sky and slowly empty out the register
this is a dark place -im in it til im finished
came to win it - this is it - i feel the pressure getting heavier

tell somebody that you rap and watch em start to laugh
either that or ask you if you rich or signed to major labels
you could tell em fables, catch me on your local channel
ask you "why you rocking flannel, why you stuck on basic cable"?
nothings good enough, nobodies looking hood enough
cuz you know if you rap, you better own a gat and caught a body
never seen as art your words are taken literal
no room for metaphors or works of fiction - over critical
i think its pitiful that modern rappers do the same
acting like a spectator- thought you was inside the game
know id be lying if I claimed I didn't want the fame
but im a jugernaut ill never stop whether it comes or not
cuz I'm master of the music first and foremost
but for most - this prostitution call me wournos
cuz i be killing anyone who try to buy me
you can try me, be the first to die - get severed at your torsos

this is the place where the fan shoots the messenger
hands up to the sky and slowly empty out the register
this is a dark place -im in it til im finished
came to win it - this is it - i feel the pressure getting heavier