Self Titled LP

by Novatore

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Self Titled

This is the first official physical full length album from Novatore


released January 2, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by King Lavish

DJ Cuts and (Alex)Slander's guest verse recorded by Moecyrus

Beats on Black Magic, Louie, Saturn to Sun, Cave Dweller, D00med, and Non Fiction produced by Nizuk Schizophrenic (France)

Beats on Coffin dancer and 4 Down produced by Terror Beatz (UK)

King of Chaos produced by King Lavish

The Storm produced by Glock Lesnar

Cuts by Dj Ize Wide Shut

Art by Novatore



all rights reserved


Novatore Chicago, Illinois


Dark hardcore hip-hop from the south side of Chicago.

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Track Name: Louie
yo I'm back again, kinda lazy never shady
born back in the 80's, burn the paper when i drop the pen
love the law cuz it gave it birth to criminality
my salary is barely just enough to pay the fuckin rent
and I resent every man who ever played my father
made my mother fodder, to a phony man like verbal kint
lots of passion, lots of violence, always skeptical
i love destroying property if nothing for the spectacle
smash a nazi til he turns into a vegetable
then take him on a cruise w my crew cuz we got shit to lose
shit to prove, because I find the world detestable
and if you see me out the house I'm probably on some chemicals
90's everything from basketball to wrestling
i used to skate a shorties 7.5, back when you was semen
back when wu tang was heard up on the radio
imagine gci showing mad love to 12 reasons
5th seasons was the place that it was all started
a seed of hatred for humanity was planted
until it grew into the rage that I feel today
you could never measure all my hatred for this fuckin planet

(hook 2x's)

it's my life, i mean the man behind the mask
a mad man, come at you fast, with the broken glass
they call me novatore, my government is louie
I am the son of evil, stand united w the lower class

verse 2

am I ensnared by this rotting flesh I'm forced to wear,
or is that all I am; a temple of ideas?
none unique or constant, nothing even meaningful
its sad to think the only thing original's the physical
and that's the type of shit I think about, and drink about
my mind is always racing, replay every situation
i stand adjacent to myself and always bumping shoulders
youth is so romantic, but the winner is often colder
I feel me molder but i'll fight it til the bitter end
struggle just to make it in this game,at least I got some friends
through my lens I see the best in people recently
most of us are tired of the way we have to make our ends
doesn't matter if it's legit or illegally
increasingly, we equally take issues with the frequency
or how unevenly, the wealth is always distributed
never based on labor, wealth antonymous with decency
I used to hate to be a lone but now I kinda love it
can be the master and the masses of my own coven
never have to listen to somebodies boring stories
or excuses, cuz excuses are a dime a dozen
last time I seen my cousin, it was in an open casket
basket case for months, I lost my mind because I couldn't' hack it
never been the same, I rarely ever shed a tear
i shed so many in that year, that I could fill a fuckin baske

Track Name: Black Magic
don't need a budget, I'm above it brought the rugged bars leaving rugged scars upon my enemies with muskets, no discussion, russian AK's they be busting, when i touch the pen the paper, man you know there be a ruckus, see it obvious, your flows are next to godliness but I'ma fuckin atheist, and there's no fuckin place in this world for me and you to live in perfect harmony the harm I see is tragedy to you to me its comedy. To you it's gotta be a god fulfilling prophecy,you pray to rosaries you keep out on the dressers, i make my own luck and elevate to higher form turning led into a golden gun to kill oppressors. i've ascended, levitated to a higher realm, couldn't see me from the highest elm, overwhelmed. mad depressed cause you thought that you was at the helm, oh fuckin well, I'm as cold as ice, hot as hell and I rebel against the cogs, filthy fuckin hogs
run up with the gun up, put 'em down like they was rabid dogs and if you waiting for the hook, you must be peter pan don't hold your breath it never comes like kids in never land, severed hands couldn't be more disconnected than I am to this earth, since my birth I been infected
well connected, well respected, throw you in a well so you can gain some perspective while you neglected, next level shit, son like feces on on an elevator skills be rising vertical but yours be like an escalator, but you aint gotta trip I'm probably 5 years older by the time you reach my age you might be looking at my shoulders, i'm spitting 48 and you won't hesitate to crown me when its over like I said this shit is alchemy, i got a focus you can't fathom if you meditate my mind would probably scare you like vanilla on the balcony, and if I said this shit before I didn't really mean it
no body fuckin with my bars i've become the meanest, the keenest pianist on this earth couldn't match my genius even on the greenest grass philosophers could never beat us- that's my self and I, and when then there's nothin left to buy rap will lose it parasitic leeches while the best survive and we'll sit upon apocalypse debris while we spitting off the dome, steady roasting all these mockeries. Nails filthy, rappers looking like they coal miners gold shiners cooked upon the fire cuz there's no diners
just imagine it, every rapper ravenous not for cash or fame but for lunch cuz no ones having it, but ill be grabbing it right off the flesh, pounds of death be smelling fresh while it burn in up- David Koresh, and who da guessed that id be the best, transmutation like a patient who was smoking on the finest meth
Track Name: Cave Dweller (ft. (Alex)Slander)
agoraphobic, I only leave the house if I'm devoted i try to focus on the poetry ill be unloading, when I go out I try to fit this hollow halo on me
zombies wanna take it from me soon you see me choking them, I used to brag about it now I'm kinda sickened but I'd rather be the victor then bully or the victim. I throw the first punch but never really start a fight unless its with an enemy, to nazis I'm vindictive. I never act hard and always try to show respect, I'm never out to prove myself to anybody, but id be lying if i said I didn't hate the world and maybe thats the reason that I'm down to get so gully. I I was always taught that I should try to hold it down for myself and for the people that surround me, half the time im getting crazy in my own defense the other half is for the homies thats around me

(hook x's 2 )

I hardly ever leave the house because I'm over it
I got a hatred for society, its obvious
just wanna sit back relax and talk a little shit
and when I say little bit I really mean a lot of it

verse 2

its ten o'clock, saturday you know where you can find me, you can find me in the cave that be confining me, it aint about fear its all about my patience and i know the world is shit don't need nothing to remind me, i try to turn to the bottle for some tolerance so I can find some interest in some shitty conversations, I got frustrations with world for all its ignorance
but every time I leave I try to lower expectations, I wish that I could rewind it to some older times back when things were new and I found everything exciting- I used hate to come home and even hated sleep I didn't need a drink just so I could be inviting. Even fighting was a skill that I was picking up, quick enough I learned that i was nasty with the knuckles. I had a bone to pic but now I've not a shit to give and I just wanna fuckin live aint looking for a scuffle

(Hook 2x's)

Verse 3 ((Alex)slander)

All I wanna do is build
While tearing down the walls around me
Every zombie at this party's on their phone messaging somebody else
They call it woke but it's just sleepwalkin' soundly
I've been feeling severely out of place like I was Buddy the Elf
So I'll dust my shelves of that small talk
Never lose/loose grip on shit, cause I was born taught/taut
Not to listen when the cornstalks whisper
Cause the same jealous winds blow south every winter
So I keep minding my business, finding the glitches
That y'all miss at the club actin' a scrub to these women
And yeah I get it; a realistic cynic when I spit it
Been in the house so long I'm practically a senator
Better off spending all my time alone
Cause these days most people just as smart as their phones
So I keep seeking truth through music; Mark Snow
Killin' shit, I'm part drone
While I'm blazing in the north sky, settling my dark throne
Track Name: Coffin Dancer
I've been takin medicine ever since when I was only 3 up at my aunts house on vacation. i pet the cat and headed back home to go to sleep-
my grandpa found me blue that's when I first became a patient. I was impatient in the back seat while looking up praying to a god I use to think was really there. I learned mortality and found my mortal enemy, i cheated death for the first time of many. I've had too many fuckin run ins with this animal to you its just a pet when i look I see a cannibal, I've used albuterol, epenefrin, prednizone advair in the morning, when I sleep you me hear me snoring. I've missed more sleepovers then i could probably ever count, i used to date girls and never even see their house, i took some chances in the day that i would regret ended up on quarantine machines hooked to my mouth. sometimes the winter is an obstacle I battle with, i rock a face mask just walking down the street, don't get the wrong impression kid I would rattle shit i got enough endurance just to bust you in your teeth, my lungs might be weak- my heart is like a lion
might be dyin on the inside, outside i be the sheik, hard as iron I aint lying I'm a rough neck now back to the asthma cuz I'm getting off the subject
some times rough sex will leave me hypervenealting- penetrating quickly might just have me short of breathe. I'm only joking but it aint like it aint never happened even when I'm rapping sometimes it just be attacking.
I'm the mother fucker at the party asking if a cat lives in the house, if it yes I'm goin ghost, I've been left on back porches and forgot about on tour in the winter, car sleeping coast to coast. i hate to say it but I'm probably gonna die young I know I got a bad heart from years of medication, i hate to say it but I'm probably gonna die young I'm probably gonna die slow-endure asphyxiation
Track Name: D00med (ft.Moecyrus)
I be the chaos and the carnage, keep it thought provoking
smoking DMT, feel like i'm floating from this magic potion
still devoting all my time in to the rap game
so when i heard this beat I felt like coke heads when the crack came
this is the ending of the first half I hope you liking
what you've heard so far, better bump this in your fuckin car
so Bizzare the way I progress at the speed of light
processing the visions that i paint you must be fuckin hard
PTSD, after you see, everything I see
you could never be on the level as a visionary
you couldn't bury you demons if you was dreaming
so scary, you rarely carry your head up you shoulda stayed a semen
if we be beefing, no keeping of scooore is even needed
you would be defeated way before they ever blew the whistle
i pack a missile, and you show up with that .22
it's obvious you never knew what this machine could do to you


you was doomed soon as you walked in
they hit the bell and it was lights out
you was doomed soon as you walked in
yeah, ugh, you was doomed

verse 2 (Moecyrus)


verse 3

how you like me now? sacrifice the sacred cow,
kiss the fucking goat, I slit your throat how bout you get a towel,
you bleeding out, but now you got something to talk about
shiver in the river of your blood, and then be disemboweled
evil shit, you couldn't stop me with a crucifix
creep up to your crib cuz I'm a brutal fisted lunatic
I aint new to this maniacal display of hate
right out from the gate they said I looked like I was used to this

there aint no stopping me, dropping me's just philosophy,
the world without me in it's, like a court with no stenography
so back me up, or I'm a squash you like a fuckin bug
pop a pill of hug and watch you leak from your colostomy
fuck a lobotomy, the demons lives inside of me
i need an exorcism, because I'm more than just a little nuts
this aint the music that you bump to in the fuckin clubs
this the type of shit that make you murder while you doing drugs

Track Name: Saturn to Sun
battle star galactica, ready for total war
soldiers coming, laser guns in place of .44's
black suits and zipper boots for the new recruits
get the troops suited up, it's time to set the score
memories of earth, visions of an older day
everything in disarray I'm living in a nightmare
this black plague called humanity has slipped away
from extinction once again, I live in nowhere
enemies approaching radars to detect the motion
bootlickers get their chance to show devotion
probably hoping if we find a rock to settle on
that they would be remembered, more than likely be dismembered
board the ships, hide the fuel, and the bring the battle on
invoke the wicked, wake the timid with a cattle prong
i hear the battle song, the beat repeating on and on
every gate a hexagon, my life is a phenomenon

(hook 2x's)

it's star wars, not the movie this reality
every step- that we take could be fatality
space pirates in a war for fuel, we weaponized
looking for another planet just to colonize

verse 2

out in the atmosphere no roads or any atlas here
every man in fear no wrenches to the grinding gears
it was a tragic time, the year we had to disappear
earth no longer fit for life- skies no longer crystal clear
we need another rock to land upon, another habitat
to lay our filthy mother fucking hands upon
our times is running out, and I begin to doubt
ill see another year, refuse to live in constant fear
i think it better if we perished, and i know its sick
the life we cherished, don't exist because we murdered it
I aint believing that we'll break the cycle
we still at war out in the stars, locking bars and praising bibles
rivals creeping in the fleet must quickly stifle
feel the opposition rising, I just wanna rest a while
i might just sabotage this mission we've enstated
every battle won, i feel my life has been degraded

(hook 2x's)

Verse 3:

it's time to make a move, this is the final dance
I made a plan, to put my future in my own hands
we were celebrating victory, i play it like I give a fuck
but really it aint shit to me
a field of asteroids approaches in the distance
I've been plotting it for days and it seems the time is best
i wander off and shoot the pilot through his head
as we plunge into an asteroid I take my final breathe

(hook 2x's)
Track Name: King of Chaos
I fight with battle axes, tridents, and swiss daggers
brutal warrior climb the ladder to a mass disaster
I be the highest ranking soldier of apocalypse
I shit upon the crucifix and pulverize through all matter
thoughts shatter - i annihilate all concentration
elevation to a stage of immortality
i cut the heads from the deadliest of enemies
and put them on my throne, I am one, with no duality


king of chaos, I can lead you to eternal sleep
you ask the gods to please erase the morbid memories
lord of war, I'm the best that there could ever be
never see me coming as I travel through the centuries

king of chaos, I can lead you to eternal sleep
you ask the gods to please erase the morbid memories
lord of war, I'm the best that there could ever be
never see me coming as I take you to your destiny

verse 2

i look like he man with red eyes, and bad intentions
i got some fangs that would cut through you with no resistance
with persistence all existence, could be non existent
kill you in an instant, cuz there is no worthy competition
raid your villages, and sacrifice the first born
all thats in my path are shellshocked and war torn
drink the blood of virgins just so i retain my youth
never be forgotten, cuz I'm rotten like a stillborn


verse 3

fuck the devil, I'm am god of everything thats gory
throwing thunderbolts, with no guts there's no glory
pull the sword out from the stone, just to decapitate
anything thats in my way, and everything alive today
i got 40 slaves to fan me when i'm at my kingdom
tightening the saddle on my panther when I go to battle
i feed off cattle and the flesh of anything thats mortal
transfer through a portal, when it's time I need to travel


Verse 4:

you won't forget me when I'm gone because Ill never be
i'll live forever i don't need no one to tell my story
fuck the fame cuz it's as fleeting as a flash of lightning
in it for the kill cuz its the only thing exciting
I've murdered kings and butchered all of their constituents
ancient gods see me like an alcoholic stepfather
in a rage from a mothers infidelity
they think they wanna question me, but never would they bother

Track Name: Non Fiction
this is a story bout a homie that I used to know
never was a clucker and he always paid the rent
hardly thought of money, stomach always fucking hungry
when it came to working he was always discontent
back in the grime days, he learned fast that crime pays
and 9 ways from sunday, he was sick of punching two clocks
move the cushions for the quarters, out of order
started hustling for pennies sold a boat load of moon rocks
he had a goons walk, it seemed pretty obvious
that 9-5 was never, something he could do forever
pretty clever, he could keep his head together
he was better as a hustler then a motherfuckin laborer
at work he always felt that he could never be himself
always out his element and feeling so incompetent
but in the streets it was really quite the opposite
he could run an operation, never short of confidence
thought as a leader but was critical of dominance
his word was never law it was only well respected
he was a lucky mother fucker, coupled
with the fact that he was pretty tricky, never locked up by detectives

(hook 2x's)

there aint no moral to this story, ima tell you this
there aint no ending either, i don't even give a shit
this is real life, and nothing happens for a reason
nothing works itself out and karma don't exist

eventually when he was past the thrill of victory
and he was getting over, this whole life that he was living
he'd go back to work, but always going back and forth
finding that he hated both the options he was given
he was trip pin on the vivid picture he was see in
being 57, steady hustling for survival
or even working at the same age, for shit wages
caught up in a cycle, slowly turning suicidal
he was an idol just to some, but what would he bee then?
he really hoped that he could age with grace just like a vinyl
it was time to turn to something that he tried to learn
back when he was younger it was time for a revival
he grabbed the mic and started writing never biting
and he knew that he could be, one of the sickest fucking emcees
Droppin bars like a motherfuckin diabetic
diuretic flows every sentence is a relic

(Hook 2x's)
Track Name: 4 Down
I think the first time I saw you it was 96, I was kid I fell in love with all the things you did, I probably didn't start to hang with you til 98 I was in the 6th grade you told me fuck establishment, I used to meet with you before I had to go to class first it was the birdhouse later by your habitat, you always got me through the shittiest of times and you was always on my mind I know some girlfriends couldn't handle that, your homie Tony made you famous yet you stayed so humble, you stayed loyal always royal even in a rumble, i never left you but sometimes I was elusive and i try to draw conclusions but they seem more like excuses, I used to save my lunch money just to ride with you, sometimes you'd scrape up my body like you had claws, caused me a lot of pain but nothing that I couldn't heal I always that because of you that I would sign a deal

almost everything I've done I've fuckin learned from you, you showed me most of all the music that i listen to, we used to sneak out and chill when I was house bound- hanging at the park, at the bank, maybe downtown, I see you talking to my little brothers nowadays I see it in their face they see the same thing I see in you, I tell em stories of the journeys that we've been thru nothing ever better than the days when it was me and you, when I be seeing you it's right where we left off I say I'm back again and then I fade away, maybe its fear, maybe just a lack of motivation when i do commit its like my troubles just go away, I see you everyday I know well always live close and there's some years it seems were fully back together
but i fear that the end is drawing near if we don't hang another year I think this time will be forever