Mega Powers (ft. Sic Mind)

from by Novatore

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you don't wanna battle me.. that would be tragedy
like owen hart, from the rafters , you can call me ravishing
you can call me rude, but you don't wanna have a feud
bret hart shawn michaels, iron man, a short fuse
i refuse to lose never gonna tap the mat
I'm hellish when I'm in a cell. I'm steve borden with a bat
you know I'm all that you just a brooklyn brawler
looking like my homie doink the clown, except a little bit taller
i be a mauler you influenced by the shit I make
like mick foley 83' jimmy snuka off the cage
if this was 88 Id sneak up on ya with a snake
thinking you a hercules, you're Irwin with the briefcase
you aint a beefcake, I'd eat ya like a cheeze steak
eye rake ya face until ya bleeding make your teeth brake
bury you with verses, undertaker, black hearses
got you seeing angels papa shango with the curses

(Sic Mind)

The people feel me as soon as I step inside the arena
Its like One look into your eyes n I can tell your diva
You washed up n needa retire
I'm laughing cause
you can't see that like john Cena
let me revival
My true intentions fuck how ya feel
Stick my hand through you
n rip out you intestines
This is the moment where I turn heel
do it for the love Man fuck yo ego
You couldn't spit even if you were carlito
You gone get bodied
N bodied some mo
cut you in half
Since i heard that your a fan of gore
For thinking that your a nova I'll leave your chest tore
Your the type I wanna strangle with a microphone cord
daniel Bryan
Cause I'm the injury that's gunna
Cut your career short
If your vertain then you shoukd be prepared to die in war
Im the dirtiest player in the game
Throwing elbows like chris hero
You think your Looking through binoculars
but really it's the double barrel


watch you like a hawk cuz you know I'm an animal
I'm bout to run this sock covered claw into your mandible
I'm like an anvil smash your heart into its foundation
warrior with a sack of blow you can feel the earth shaking
you bout to be a patient, paging doctor isaac yankem
you can thank em later, bout to bomb on you like I was vader
any traders in the ring about to feel the sting
about to bring my fist into your face - about to be displaced
about to be disgraced like crippler with the cross face
place is looking crazier than john gacy's crawl space
get me vexed i'll put a hex upon your family
von erichs, bout to parish, destined for calamity
a fan of fantasy like val venus, vanity,
ill throw you thru a table I'm incapable of sanity
ill never quit I'm in the shit like I was terry funk
Vince McMahon in the limo dynamite up in the trunk

(Sic Mind)

Get supper kicked for thinking that we just some young bucks
It'll put you to sleep like a gts
from hideo itami
or cm punk
Ima phyco killa bro
You can call me tommaso ciampa
I got the
kokina clutch locked and I'm never letting go
im the mexican samoa joe
On a mic your just a joke like enzo
Your Ego bigger then big cass
You see Your acts
more retarded then Eugene
After bar this shit I'll hit you harder then l kicks from
Kota ibushi
I see how yall just wanna do me
But I ain't trippen Cause I just came to kick your head off like nakamura
N this aint 88
Lace your drugs
That's how I twist your fate
Flow phenomenal like aj
I adapt, never change
I bring the terror
This was a clean sweep
Call me the cleaner I'm kenny omega
Off top like Eddie
This latino he spitten heat
Not even Paul heyman can tame this beast
Mother fucka


from Pariah LP, released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Novatore Chicago, Illinois


Dark hardcore hip-hop from the south side of Chicago.

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